Alfa Romeo


Alfa Romeo Montreal

5.200 km
Delivered new in Italy
Time capsule
Museum quality
Icon from the 70s

For the 1967 Universal Exposition in Montreal, Alfa Romeo was selected from among all international manufacturers to present a car that represented the “highest aspiration of modern man in terms of cars”. The extraordinary success of the two concept cars at the 1967 Expo convinced the Alfa Romeo management to create a coupé very similar to the Bertone prototype, but with upgraded mechanicals including a powerful V8 engine from the 33 Stradale. The mixture of the breathtaking Bertone designed body, the futuristic interior and the innovative technics make the Montreal an icon from the 70s. Our Montreal is one of kind : with just 5.200 km from new it is in absolute museum quality! Everything on the car remained untouched and original. It was delivered new in Verona to an Italian industrial. The car comes as it left the factory in 1973 with all books, keys, the original Italian libretto and tools. This Montreal represents a unique opportunity to own one of the best or most probably the best Montreal in existence!

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